Bangladesh has over 150 million people living on an average per capita income of $1.25 per day. And with the exception of the capital Dhaka (15 million), the majority of people live in villages (about 75,000) and are landless laborers.

Bangladesh is a country in great need -

• Literacy rates are less than 50% in rural areas,
• Healthcare is inadequate to non-existent in rural areas,
• Education in rural areas is limited and inadequate, and
• Daily life is a struggle with an average per capita income of less than $2 a day

Against this backdrop, there is hope for a brighter future.
This hope is made possible by -

1. Microcredit programs - creating jobs for the poor,
2. Health programs - to provide primary healthcare and health awareness
training to rural areas,
3. Clean water initiatives - to provide clean drinking water to those living
with arsenic contaminated drinking water as their only source of water.
4. Educational programs - for children to have an opportunity to become self reliant.




This lady runs a tailoring shop with the assistance of a Microcredit loan. 
Income from her business allows her to provide for the daily needs of her children.