The republic of Haiti is a country of about 10 million people. Natural beauty and deep poverty collide in this country that has a tropical climate and is two-thirds mountainous. 

Once known as the "jewel of the Caribbean" - the country has spiralled downward over many decades - and is now known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere.


Our aim is to help Haitians move from "Aid" to "Enterprise". To restore Dignity and Hope that comes from people earning a living with their own hands. And earning sufficient income to provide for the needs of their own families. 

Our key programs to help Haitians begin their climb out of poverty include -

Staircase out of poverty - an approach to helping the ultra poor take one step at a time to begin their climb out of poverty by developing an income generating activity (IGA) - and grow their assets. 

Haiti Training Facility for Trades - Establish a trades training centre to teach functional skills - to enable Haitians to become employable and/or start a small business. 

We also provide a variety of other programs to meet the health and wellness needs of Haitians - see index of programs.