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Clean Water Initiatives
Lifewater in Haiti Partnership

A sobering reality is that more people die from water borne diseases than from starvation as an overwhelming majority of the population have no access to "safe" drinking water.

To help alleviate this acute need, we have partnered with Lifewater Canada in Haiti to promote their work including "safe drinking water" and "hygiene workshops". We have a close working relationship with Lifewater through Les Babcock, an experienced well-driller from Alberta. He has over 28 years of experience drilling wells in northern Haiti. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with this experienced group that have a long and proven track record in the north of Haiti.

In addition to supporting "well drilling" initiatives and pump replacements and repairs, we support the manufacture and distribution of biosand filters – a household unit that produces about 35 litres a day - and therefore is very cost-effective.


How you can help -

Biosand water filters - contact us to discuss opportunities.

Pump Repairs - $100 repairs two broken hand pumps so life-saving water can flow.

Well Drilling - $3000 provides a well and "safe drinking water" to an entire community, a school or an orphanage - typically over 100 families.