The development of economic opportunities in a community is critical to the establishment of new businesses and job creation. And essential to the growth and sustainability of a community. Opportunities are identified based on a "participatory" approach whereby the local business community is involved in discussing and assessing "needs" as well as available "assets" and human resource requirements.

An example of an economic development project that has been developed and implemented in Haiti in consultation with local farmers - is a Poultry Cooperative comprising 24 chicken farmers and the growth of 18,000 birds per growing cycle. As loan capital is repaid by the Cooperative - other opportunities are assessed to help form and fund other Cooperatives.

We are constantly searching for economic development partners - that have an interest in developing, implementing and managing a community develpment project.

Please consider a "hands-on" experience with a community development project. We can help you can become involved with your time, skills, experience, and financial resources.

See program details by country to become involved in a specific project.