Over half of the developing world lives with no access to clean drinking water or basic health services. The primary cause of sickness and death among the poor includes malnutrition, contaminated drinking water, and preventable and treatable infectious dieases such as diarrhea, pneumonbia, cholera, HIV, injuries, infections and complications during childbirth.

Empower's healthcare services include training village health workers as well as providing primary healthcare services through stationary clinics and mobile clinics.

Health Awareness Training is provided in the communities in which we operate to address basic health issues such as sanitation, hygienne and how to avoid infectious and preventable diseases.

Clean drinking water is a critical aspect of good health. Accordingly, we have partnered with an experienced service provider to expand our health intiatives.

Empower Global is actively seeking donor participation for its Health Initiatives in Bangladesh, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Please consider how you can help !!