Also known as Living Assets

The ultra poor have no regular source of income and accordingly need help to build assets and to create income generating activities. Supplying a "productive asset" or a "living asset" to a poor familiy enables them to grow their own food and/or create an income generating activity from which they can provide for their basic familiy needs such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & education.

The more common types of "productive assets" that help families establish steady incomes to support their families include: registered seed for home gardens; registered seed for farmers to grow various crops; chickens to consume or sell meat and/or eggs; goats & cows to reproduce and sell the meat and/or milk; pigs to reproduce for meat and for sale.

The goal of providing the ultra poor with a productive asset is to help them achieve self sustainability through their own efforts. An "in-kind" return of assets is usually required so the asset is seen as a loan and not a "hand out" resulting in greater dignity and self respect for the borrower. Also, as the asset is "repaid", it can be passed on to other poor families over and over again. This method, over time, helps to transform entire communities.

As poor families build their assets and income generating capacity they may qualify for microcredit (small loans) which enables them to expand and diversify their small business.

Empower Global has implemented a "Living Assets" program in Cap Haitian, Haiti and is actively seeking donor participation to be able to assist more Haitians - begin their climb out of poverty.