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Empower Global has established a formal partnership with J6 Hope Foundation ("J6 Hope") to provide a number of essential services to the poor - in the northern region of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

Since 2001, J6 Hope has been building relations and a strong community foundation in the Dominican Republic northern border town of Dajabon. This location is very strategic as it is situated close to an active border crossing - providing easy cross-border access to both countries.

In Dajabon, J6 Hope has a secure base of operations  - and the capacity to effectively manage a mobile medical operation in partnership with Empower Global.

Going forward, the following initiatives will be implemented as funding becomes available


1. Mobile Medical Clinics.
2. Medical assistance and transportation as hospitals are three hours away.
3. Logistical support to other organizations conducting similar work.
4. Education Assistance - to help childen become self reliant.
5. Construction and Trade skills training.
6. Agriculture programs. 
7. Humanitarian relief - food distribution to widows and orphans. 

How you can help - Please consider supporting one or more of the above initiatives.