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Colombia: A Functional Skills Training Program

Woodcrafting for Men and various Women’s initiatives 

In Medellin, Colombia we have identified an opportunity to work with a well-respected and reliable partner that assists former prisoners to obtain functional skills and earn an honest living. Our partner also assists these individuals to reunite with their families and become responsible and productive members of society.

The program provides skills training to “qualified” participants who have demonstrated that they want help and have committed to becoming self-reliant through a skills training process - leading to the establishment of a small business – and a legitimate income generating activity. 

The functional skills training program consists of the following elements – 

· A wood crafting centre for men wherein up to 30 men are trained every three months in woodcrafting skills, as well as business training to enable them to successfully operate their own woodcrafting business. This will result in an “imcome generating activity” that will enable them to provide for the basic needs of their families.

· A three part training program for women including: cooking skills; sewing skills; and various craft skills (costume jewellery, shoes, etc.). With these acquired skills the women will develop an IGA ( ie. an income generating activity) to provide for the basic needs of their families. 

Planned Business & Job Creation Outcomes: The program once fully deployed, will have the following characteristics and planned outcomes -  

· Men’s Wood crafting: 30 men to be trained every three months – and 120 trained annually (30x4=120). Each person trained will establish an income generating activity (IGA) using their newly acquired skills. 

·  Womens three part Program: 45 women to be trained every three months, equals 180 trained annually. Again, the goal is for each woman to establish an IGA which will help to provide for the basic needs of their families. 

Target Group for Training & Job Creation: Mainly the unemployed, under-employed and the disadvantaged that want to work but have inadequate skills or financial means to establish their own IGA. 

· Men’s Woodcrafting: Unemployed men that are eager to work – men previously in prison, and being rehabilitated with their families – and men rehabilitated from substance abuse (drugs) and wanting to return to and provide for their families. 

· Womens three part Program: Unemployed women that are eager to work – mainly single Mom’s due to their husband leaving or being in prison. These women are usually the primary providers for their children.

How you can help – 

Men’s Wood crafting – Three-month program

· $300 funds training for one student  

· $1500 funds training for ten students

Women’s Initiatives – Three-month program 

· $500 funds training for a class of 10 women.

· $1500 funds basic skills training for 45 women in various skills.

Additional information available upon request 


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