Haiti Dental Clinic


 We are excited to make you aware of an opportunity to assist with the establishment of a Dental Clinic in Cap Haitien. With your help, we plan to have the Dental Clinic operational by early November, 2018. Once operational, we will welcome Dental Teams from Canada to assist with dental services at the Clinic. 
Need for a Dental Clinic -The dental clinic initiative is in recognition of the desperate need for dental care in Cap Haitien and in the surrounding remote mountainous regions in northern Haiti. The Dental Clinic will be established at the Empower Global compound where an existing Medical Clinic and Healthcare Training Program have been operating for several years.
Our Vision - To serve the local community by providing basic dental care services to those in desperate need and with little or no ability to pay. We also plan to conduct mobile dental clinics in surrounding villages and remote areas where very few people have never seen a dentist in their lifetime.  
Our Goal - To train and work alongside Haitians who have received basic training in dental services. In the future, we would like to partner with local Haitian dentists to further educate those who will be providing ongoing dental care on a full-time basis in Cap-Haitien and in the surrounding communities. 
Dental Program Leadership - Dr. Wesley Chan & Dr. Nicholas Teoh are two Canadian doctors spearheading this initiative in partnership with Empower Global. Both are volunteering their professional services and are very excited to work together to bring dental care to the destitute poor in northern Haiti.
Funding for dental equipment, instruments and supplies  -
For all donations, please designate "Dental Office" on the memo line to ensure your financial contributions are properly credited to the Dental Office project. 
A list of Dental equipment, instruments, burs and sundries are as attached for your consideration. All donations including GIK (gifts-in-kind) for Equipment & Instruments are fully receipt-able for tax purposes. 
Thank you for helping to bring Dental-Care services to the destitute poor in northern Haiti. Your financial support and/or GIK will be greatly appreciated and wisely invested. 

Equipment List

2x Mobile Storage Cart

2x Mobile delivery unit with compressor and air/water syringes, and highspeed and slowspeed turbines for highspeed and slowspeed handpieces

2x Mobile suction unit

2x Mobile dental chair

2x Overhead light

Sterilizer (Autoclave)

4x Surgical Handpiece

1x Blood pressure cuff


1x Ultrasonic instrument cleaner unit


1x Handheld x-ray unit

1x Film x-ray developer

For cleanings:

2x Ultrasonic scaler/piezo scaler unit

For fillings:

2x Curing light

4x Highspeed handpieces

4x Slowspeed handpieces


2x Operator (dentist) stool

2x Assistant stool

Instrument List


For Extractions:


5x-periosteal elevator #9

4x-scalpal blade holder

10x-anesthetic syringe

(OPTIONAL) 5x-trisyringe tip

10x-cotton pliers



5x-small straight elevator (301)

3x-large straight elevator

3x-needle driver

3x-suture scissors

4x-small curette

2x-large curette

3x-bone file

3x-minnesota retractor

Other assorted elevators:

2x-right cryers

2x-left cryers

3x-root tip picks

5x-spade proximator

5x-straight luxator

(OPTIONAL) 3x-mesial proximator

(OPTIONAL) 3x-distal proximator

Assorted forceps (upper universal, lower universal, cowhorns, wisdom tooth forceps, pediatric size upper universal, pediatric size lower universal):

5x-upper universal

5x-lower universal


3x-wisdom tooth forceps

5x-pediatric upper universal

5x-pediatric lower universal


Assorted Instruments:

3x each of bite blocks-sizes small, medium, large)

For x-rays:

3x-snap a ray x ray holder

5x-xcp system arm

5x-xcp system ring (compatible both anterior and posterior)

4x-anterior PA bitepiece

4x-posterior PA bitepiece

4x-bitewing bitepiece

For fillings:

(ADD 0)-mirror

(ADD 0)-explorer

(ADD 0)-probe

4x-PFI (composite shaping instrument)

4x-scaler (for flash)

4x-articulating paper forceps

(ADD 0)-trisyringe tips

(ADD 0)-cotton plier

(ADD 0)-anesthetic syringe

2x-spoon excavator

4x-tofflemire band holder adult size

4x-tofflemire band holder pediatric size

(ADD 0)-scissors

4x-hemostat curved

2x-composite gun

2x-cord packer

 sectional matrix rings, section matrix forceps

 4x each of amalgam pluggers, discoid cleiod, hollenback (or other) carver. 

For teeth cleaning:

4x-ultrasonic/piezo tip for ultrasonic/piezo scaler unit


(ADD 0)-explorer

(ADD 0)-probe

4x-sickle scaler

4x-universal curette

4x each of gracey curettes-(#1/2 and #11/12 and #13/14)

(ADD 0)-trisyringe tips


Topical Anesthetic

Lidocaine 2%   1:100,000

Articaine 4%   1:100,000 

(OPTIONAL)   Bupivicaine 0.5% 1:200,000

Mepivicaine 3%   plain 

Long Yellow 27   Ga needle

Short Blue 30 Ga   needle


Articulating   paper red/blue

 Cements and Liners

(OPTIONAL) Lime   Lite or other RMGI liner

Dycal or   Theracal

(OPTIONAL) IRM-Immediate   restorative material

Mixing pad

Dispensing tips 19 ga 

Dispensing tips 22 ga 

 Composite Dentistry

34-38% phosphoric acid etch

Allbond Universal (or other   bonding agent)

Composite (packable) in   varying shades

Composite (flowable)


Microbrush Fine Size Pink 

Microbrush Super Fine Size   White

(OPTIONAL) Shade guide

Mixing wells (for bond or   etc)


Patient bibs

Bib clip

(OPTIONAL) Tray cover paper 

Plastic cups

(OPTIONAL) Headrest covers

Cotton tipped applicator

Cotton roll (ideally   sterile)

Dri angle small

Dri angle large

Gauze 2x2

Sterile Gauze packages


Autoclave cleaner   solution/detergent

Curing light shield


High volume suction tip   vented

Saliva ejector (low volume   suction tip)

Saliva ejector disposable   screens?

Surgical suction tip

Dental vacuum line cleaner

Disposable traps for suction

Finishing and Polishing

(OPTIONAL) Composite   finishing strip

(OPTIONAL) Composite saw


Handpiece Lubricating Oil

Infection Control

Nitrile Gloves size XS

Nitrile Gloves size S

Nitrile Gloves size M

Nitrile Gloves size L

Nitrile Gloves size XL

Utility gloves (for   sterilization)

Face masks

N95 Mask

Dark sunglasses adult sz   (protective eyewear)

Dark sunglasses child sz   (protective eyewear)

(OPTIONAL) Hand lotion

Cold Sterilizing solution   Metricide 28

MetriTest cold sterilization   test strips

Cold Sterilization Tray 

Sterilization pouch   2.25x4"

Sterilization pouch   3.5x9"

Sterilization pouch   5.25x10" 

Sterilization pouch   7.5x13"

Autoclave tape 

Chemical Indicator Strips   class 4

(IF USING CASSETTES)   Autoclave Cassette Wrap 12x12"

(IF USING CASSETTES)   Autoclave Cassette Wrap 15x15"

(IF USING CASSETTES)   Autoclave Cassette Wrap 24x24"

(OPTIONAL) Sterilizer labels   (for date and load#)

Biological Indicator

Waterline Tablets

Ultrasonic cleaning solution

Pre-soak enzyme solution

(OPTIONAL) X-ray head   plastic sleeve

(OPTIONAL) Cover film   4x6"

(OPTIONAL) Light cure tip   sleeve for 7-8mm

Caviwipes or other   disinfectant wipes

Sharps disposal box

Surgical Milk Solution

Utility forceps to retreive   instruments/cassettes from autoclave

Matrix Materials

Tofflemire Adult regular

Tofflemire Adult extended

Tofflemire Pedo regular

Mylar strips

(IF USING SECTIONAL MATRIX   SYSTEM) Sectional matrices in various sizes

(IF USING SECTIONAL MATRIX   SYSTEM) Sectional matrix wedges

Wizard wedge small   (112-5024)

Wizard wedge large   (112-6016)

Wooden wedge orange   (378-2302)

Wooden wedge green   (378-0917)

Wooden wedge red (378-0344)

Retraction Materials

Retraction cord size 000   Ultradent (949-1470)  

Hemodent Premier Dental   (378-3289)  Surgical Products

 Surgical blade #15 sterile


Reverse cutting 3/8"   chromic gut 4-0 sutures


 Adult Lead Apron

 Pediatric size lead apron

 (OPTIONAL) Bitewing tabs   with adhesive

Bur List


For complicated extractions:

-extended shank (extended length) 557

-extended shank round bur #4

-extended shank round bur #6

For fillings:

-557 (highspeed bur)

-330 (highspeed bur)

-7901 (highspeed bur)

-7404 (highspeed bur)

-#1/2 round (slowspeed bur)

-#2 round (slowspeed bur)

-#4 round (slowspeed bur)

-#6 round (slowspeed bur)