Haiti Farm Program


Haiti Gardening Program 

Haiti has a tropical climate and as such provides an opportunity to “garden” all year around. Yet, well over 50 % of its people are malnourished, struggling to maintain proper nutrition that is so essential for good health and disease prevention. 

The main purpose of our gardening program is to help subsistence farmers achieve home food security by providing –

  1. Training      - Training in proper gardening methods including: proper nutrition      (nutritional value of various vegetables), soil management (composting),      water conservation (mulch), pest control (organic pesticides), etc. 
  2. Tools      - Assistance with garden tools, the cost of which are often prohibitive      for subsistence farmers with no regular source of income. 
  3. Seed -      Provision of registered garden seed that is disease resistant and helps to      improve crop yield.
  4. Access      to water - We assist gardeners as and when needed with obtaining access to      water for their gardens by providing a water bucket and a bicycle for      haulage. 

Our programs to date have assisted well over 1000 farmers and gardeners in eight different farming communities, where we work with local farming fraternities to assist them create sustainable livelihoods for their members and for their community. 

How you can help 

  1. Trainer      for gardening - $500/month provides the funding necessary to cover the      ongoing oversight costs of the program (salary & operating expenses).
  2. Garden      Tools - $100 provides a basic set of garden tools that can be shared among      five gardening families.
  3. Garden      Seed - $200/month is needed to cover the basic cost of garden seed      including shipping costs from the US and Canada.