Haiti Healthcare Training

Our Healthcare Training program is designed to educate Haitians to become aware of ways and means they can improve and maintain their own health. 

Our primary goal is to help Haitians take responsibility for their own basic health needs as well as their children. This is achieved by a creating an awareness of good health habits including; clean water initiatives, sanitation & hygiene, proper nutrition, and other basic disease prevention methods and treatments. 

Our healthcare training programs include –

1. Community Health training initiatives leading to self-care and self-reliance. 

2. Healthcare Training in schools - educating children on basic health issues and disease prevention including HIV & AIDS.

3. Healthcare Training for non-professional volunteers from churches to enable them to provide basic medical services to their constituents. That is, a basic pharmacy, First Aid, health consultations, etc. These health workers are supported by a “call-in” service to the registered nurse at the Clinic. 

How you can help

1. $100 - Funds basic healthcare training materials for a class. 

2. $250 – Funds a very basic pharmacy and First Aid station at local churches.