Haiti – Mobile Medical Clinics 

The mobile health clinics are designed to reach remote rural communities as well as mountainous areas with limited or no access to healthcare services. The locations selected are based on surveys conducted by the doctor and nurse to determine the severity of the need as well as the frequency of visits required.

A typical mobile medical clinic will see 200 plus patients at a cost of about US$ 500. This includes staff costs (mainly two doctors hired for the day) and the cost of medicines and transportation. Since mobile clinics are held in remote areas among the destitute poor, rarely are patients able to cover the cost of their doctor examination or the mediations needed. The photos below provide a good overview of a remote clinic and a cross section of those that attend. 

A typical remote Clinic is a one-day event conducted by a Team of doctors, nurses and support staff. The day often begins at 4:00 AM for the Team as it often requires 3-4 hours of travel time to get to the remote location by 8:00 AM. Then after a 8-10 hour Clinic, an arduous journey back over very difficult roads to arrive home by 10:00 PM. 

We conduct mobile medical clinics as often as we have the funds to do so. Accordingly, we are entirely dependent on the generosity of our donors to provide this service to the destitute poor in rural areas. 

How you can help –

1. US$200. - Funds medications needed for a full one-day clinic. 

2. US$500. - Funds a full day mobile clinic providing essential medical services to over 200 patients in urgent need of help.  

3. Recruit a team to collectively support a mobile medical clinic to the destitute poor in remote areas. 



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