Haiti- Welding Training Program



Haiti: Welding Training Program – Justin Ernst, Director

The purpose of our welding program is to give an affordable program where Haitians can learn the skill of Arc welding and either find a job or begin a small business using their welding skills .. 

We will fulfill our purpose by teaching a four week program with the focus on Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). The first two weeks of the program will focus hands on teaching. We will spend one or two hours depending on the day in a classroom setting. The following two weeks, the students will work together on a contract to gain experience in fabricating and work for us to help lessen their tuition. 

The teaching portion of the program will have safety lessons, basic SMAW theory, basic electrical theory, and lots of time welding. They will also be taught the basics of fabricating and how they can find employment in the field of welding. 

Our program will have an in depth safety training portion as the safety standard on many job sites are lacking. We will strive to instill good habits in our students so they can have a long and healthy career. 

The best way of learning welding is lots of practice and a teacher to problem solve with the student so for this reason when we begin, we will keep our class size around 8-10 students so we can provide a high quality of training. 

After the program we will then become a resource for our former students for any questions they will have. We believe to have a lasting impact we will do so by giving high quality skills to those who are eager to learn.

Once the program is established we would also like to start level two and three courses so our students will have an opportunity to know in depth theory and have a greater understanding of welding and all that goes into a structurally sound weld.


Haiti : Welding program – equipment and supplies needed 

  • Welding Helmets (Auto      darkening) – 12 needed     $150 ea 
  • Welding gloves – 12      needed     $40 ea
  • Welding jacket - 12      needed   $50 ea
  • Grinders (4.5in Dewalt      angle grinder) – 4 needed  $175 ea
  • Set of locking vice      grips - 2 needed     $50 ea
  • Welding tongs - 6 needed          $60 ea  
  •  Chop saws - 2 needed     $250 ea
  •  Stick welding machines (Miller Thunderbolt 160a)  $500 ea
  •  Monthly operating costs for consumables     $1000.