St Michel Agriculture program



St Michel Agriculture project

Project Manager: Markus Frei

The St Michel project is in its early stages of development, however, it has a lot of potential. The goal is for the local farmers to take “ownership” of the project as a condition of our continued assistance.

Project elements include –

1. Water Well – for a much needed reliable water source

2. Multipurpose community building for training purposes 

3. Sustainable Farming program - The “no-till” farming method is being taught using Creole language material. Teaching priorities include: production of compost, the introduction of cover crops, and soil protection with mulch. 

4. Agronomist assistance – Marcellus, an agronomist, in addition to teaching has rented a small parcel of land to grow a vegetable garden and start a composting operation. Eugene Rose, a second agronomist (still in school), will work with the farm women on vegetable growing during her vacation.

5. Local Project Manager: Jacques Joazile – He has been paid project management fees for a limited period of time. Additionally, he has been paid to rent some land for crop production and purchase mulch for ground cover. If he is successful at farming, he will receive assistance with establishing a chicken barn and operation or some other appropriate business enterprise. 

6. Farming groups being assisted - We are working with 20 groups of 5 -15 farmers in each group. The groups are to work together as a unit and later transition to a co-operative. Farmers willing to fully adopt our program with enthusiasm and commitment, will be considered for other small business start-ups. 



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