Our approach to community development is a "participatory approach". We work with our Field Partners and the people in the communities we serve to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Proposed solutions are field tested before implemented on a larger scale. A "working model" is developed, tested, and adapted as necessary to ensure success and long term sustainability. 

How you can help -

We have many oppotunities for  men & women to become involved with their time, skills, and experience - to provide the leadership necessary for the successful completion of a project. 

Please see our drop down menu for a list of our programs.

A more efficient way to donate !

Empower Global Inc now gratefully accepts e-transfer donations.
Simply go to your online banking and enter the name “Empower Global Inc” and the email address No password necessary. Please enter the program designation and mailing address for tax receipt in message field.  We will acknowledge receipt of funds received.



Empower's healthcare services include training village health workers as well as providing primary healthcare services through stationary clinics and mobile clinics 

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We have established partnerships with organzations in Haiti, Colombia and Malawi  to provide education and functional skills training to the destitute poor. 

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Economic Development


The development of economic opportunities  in a community is critical to the establishment of new businesses and job creation. And essential to the growth and sustainability of a community 

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