We believe good governance includes professionalism, integrity, accountability and transparency. 



We conduct business grade due diligence on all of our projects and field partners. We prepare detailed project plans to ensure our programs are sustainable and deliver expected results. All project plans are reviewed, revised as necessary, and approved by the Board of Directors.  

Accountability and Transparency

To ensure the integrity of the numbers, our books are audited by an Independent firm of chartered accountants, at each fiscal year end. The audited financial statements are then made available, on request, to all donors and prospective donors. Our aim is to operate with complete transparency. 


Fee Structure

 Our policy is to operate on 10% or less of donations received. Accordingly, we can guarantee investors that at least 90 % of funds received go directly to their designated project(s). 

Our low cost of operations is achieved by engaging “volunteers” on a full and part time basis. For example, our President & CEO is a retired businessman who volunteers his time and pays his own travel costs. Similarly, all programs and projects are managed by experienced volunteers who dedicate their time and other resources necessary to ensure our program(s) are successful. 

Opportunities for volunteers - We are constantly looking for volunteer leaders who have a strong desire to give of their time, expertise, experience and financial resources to help us address debilitating poverty in developing countries.