St Michel Agriculture program




St. Michel Agricultural and Rural Development Project

.. situated in the mountainous region of Lalomas Saint Michel, North Haiti.

Over the last three years, we have been assisting the people in the Region of Lalomas, with a population of approximately 30,000 who were /are desperately looking for assistance to obtain access to water and for help with agricultural projects. 

During this time we completed the following -

1. Water well -  drilled a well for much needed drinking water, 

2. Community Centre - put on a roof on a community building to serve as a meeting place for our activities, 

3. Community Development committee - We helped the community organize a local working development committee comprised of different interest groups, 

4. Land for the community project - We secured a piece of land for the execution of the project .. made available free of charge by the “Mission Evangelique  de Haiti du North”

5. Building construction - We constructed a facility for the workers involved with providing leadership for the Project.

Provide water for drinking and irrigation

   Our previously drilled well was not close enough to our project which meant we had to drill a second well for our station to benefit the neighbouring families as well. For the purpose of irrigation we hope to build over the next 5 years a number of small dams, the work to be carried out by the people benefiting from it and the materiel supplied by the project.

Apprenticeship program


. We are planing to build shops for the different trades we hope to introduce. For the welding shop we have someone in training.  

Flour Mill and fruit processing facility


. To add value to there produce we intend on setting up as a cooperative a flour mill and a dehydration and fruit juice bottling facility to better utilize their produce in and out of season.

Agricultural training and RESEARCH

 The land that has been made available to us by the Evangelical Mission of North Haiti will be divided in to parcels representing the different segments in farming like vegetable gardening field crop production, animal husbandry and forestry management.

Reforestation Initiative

The mountain range of Lalomas Saint Michel and beyond has been hit hard with severe drought. The hills are totally bare, the forest which used to attract the rains are gone. We will be distributing forestry tree seeds and sell fruit tree seedlings in an effort to bring the forests back.

1) Seed of leguminous forestry trees will be distributed. After two years, for every tree that has survived we will pay an incentive $2.00. This will be less expensive and might give us better results then distributing  the seedlings.

2) Fruit tree seedlings from our tree nursery will be made available for them to purchase. As people see the financial benefit by supplying us with fruit for the planned fruit juice bottling facility, we anticipate a growing interest. We sell them because whatever is bought by them has more value to them then something given.

Bee Keeping

Some of the forestry trees that will be introduced will attract honey bees. We had purchased a commercial beehive which will be fabricated at our woodworking shop once up and running. A family will be able to make a living on two to three commercial bee hives and it could open up the possibility  for a number of cottage industries.

orphan support


Orphanages are most often poorly run. We encourage families in the Churches and in the community to take care of the orphans and we would help with their education and closing – to help them become self sustaining – through programs like

1. A welding shop.

2. A grocery store

3. A small sewing / tailoring business

Planned construction for the Saint Michel Agriculture projec

Water reservoir

foundation, floor, block construction and roof 20 bags of cement $ 200.00

 160x 6 inch blocks $ 160.00

 sand and stone $ 150.00

 labourers $ 100.00


 total  $ 610.00

Water tank  $ 1,000.00

Submersible pump   $ 1,500.00

3 shop row building with apartments for shop- managers on top

foundation and concrete roof 150 bags of cement $ 1,500.00

re-bar $ 2,000.00

1800x 6 inch concrete blocks for shop $ 1,800.00

sand and stone $ 1,500.00

2000 6 inch blocks for appartement $ 2,000.00

40 bags of cement and Sand $ 600.00

labourers $ 2,000.00

Steel-roof $ 1,500.00


 total $12,900.00

Solar system

12 Solar Panels @ $ 220.00 each $ 2,640.00

12 6V deep-cell batteries @ $ 245.00 each $ 2,940.00

400W inverter  $ 1000.00

Electrical supplies $ 1,000.00

Generator for welding shop plus some tools $ 1,000.00