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B The hope for haiti


B the Hope for Haiti is an educational and development program in the community of Ouanaminthe, in the NE of Haiti. The program is managed by Joanna Baumgartner with assistance from family and friends. The project partners with Present Hope Ministry on our established schools.

The program partners to operate four schools with over 350 students and their families. The goal is to provide education, health, agriculture and water treatment. The long term focus is sustainable development projects that empower the people.

The school program begins at age 3 and is available for the poorest families as well as orphans to access literacy, faith and a meal. The goal is to enable the oldest students to become contributing citizens upon graduation. A basic medical clinic is provided to bring relief from minor ailments and infections as the poorest families cannot normally access healthcare in their community.

The program  provides clean water to Haiti's most vulnerable by providing  water purification systems. We have provided a generator and hard-wiring for other schools as well as solar which now allows for better teaching environments. An agricultural program has also been successfully implemented to teach and supplement the nutrition program.

 Moringa trees have been planted and a processing area has been established.The Moringa crop is dried and used as an additive in food to help combat malnutrition in the children.

Our latest and greatest project is the purchase of land in South Ouanaminthe and ongoing construction of a beautiful new school campus to bring hundreds of children off the streets and give them the opportunity of education, nutrition and heathcare daily.

 It should be noted that all volunteers and work teams travelling from Canada to assist with the program cover their own travel costs. Accordingly, all funds raised for the programs are allocated directly to the respective projects. 

How you can help

1. Classroom Supplies
2. Medical Supplies
3. More Classroom space
4. Washroom Facilites
5. Healthcare trainers

6. Teachers in trades or elementary.

7. Funding for food, education and health programs

Contact Joanna Baumgartner, the program manager at