Haiti Medical Clinic 

An overview

Our Medical Clinic is located near Cap Haitian just west of the city in Morne Anglais on National Road #1. The Clinic provides basic medical services as well as serves as a base of operations for multiple medical initiatives as noted below. 

Medical and Healthcare initiatives

1. A stationary clinic to provide patients with basic medical services

2. Mobile clinics to remote areas that have limited or no access to any medical services

3. A Healthcare Training program promoting “self-care” and self-reliance. Our Basic Lifeskills Manual includes a healthy living (nutrition) as well as disease prevention (clean water, sanitation, hygiene, etc.). Our training programs include -

a. Community Health training initiatives

b. Healthcare Training in schools 

c. Healthcare Training for non-professional volunteers from churches to enable them to provide basic medical services to their constituents. That is, a basic pharmacy, First Aid, health consultations, etc. These health workers are supported by a “call-in” service to the registered nurse at the Clinic. 

The goal of our Healthcare services 

Our main goal is to help Haitians take responsibility for their own basic health needs as well as their children. This is achieved by a greater awareness of good health including; clean water, sanitation, hygiene, proper nutrition, and other basic disease prevention methods. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the goal of all healthcare services should be 80% prevention and 20% treatment. Accordingly, our focus is on healthcare training (prevention) and treatment (curative) as necessary, encouraging patients to be pro-active in looking after their own health, thereby becoming self-reliant and not always dependent on others to meet their needs.  Over half of the developing world lives with no access to clean drinking water or basic health services. The primary cause of sickness and death among the poor includes malnutrition, contaminated drinking water, and preventable and treatable infectious diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, cholera, HIV, injuries, infections and complications during childbirth.

Empower's healthcare services include training village health workers as well as providing primary healthcare services through stationary clinics and mobile clinics.

Health Awareness Training is provided in the communities in which we operate to address basic health issues such as sanitation, hygiene and how to avoid infectious and preventable diseases.

Clean drinking water is a critical aspect of good health. Accordingly, many of our programs include access to safe water.

Empower Global is actively seeking donor participation for its Health Initiatives in Haiti and other areas.

Please consider how you can help!