Our Mission


To transform the impoverished to empowered through the delivery of high-impact community development programs. As necessary, we provide functional skills training to help create employment and promote the development of new business opportunities. Empower Global is a registered Canadian Charity (BN:81547 5827 RR0001) with professional managment and strong governance.


Our aim is to provide dignity and hope to the impoverished poor in developing countries. Our focus is long term sustainable impact. A multi-faceted approach is used to address the multi-dimensional nature of poverty (ie. economic, education, health, etc.). Business grade due diligence and detailed project planning is conducted on all projects to help ensure that expected outcomes can and will be achieved.

We work with Field Partners that have a proven track record to ensure that solid and sustainable results are achieved. Empower Global also assists with building infrastructure, as and when necessary, to ensure that program results are achieved in an effective manner. In addition, clean water initiatives and regional healthcare programs are being developed to assist entrepreneurs, their families and their communities with recurring health and wellness concerns. 


What we stand for

 We are passionate about empowering the poor! We believe that every human being has the right to live with dignity and respect. And we believe we have a responsibility to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty. 


We are focused

 Our focus is on helping the poor help themselves. A hand up, and not just another hand out. We take a participatory approach that involves local leadership in the development of innovative solutions appropriate to their own environment. 


We are accountable for results, not just numbers

 We have audited financial statements that ensure the integrity of our numbers. In addition, we provide investors with meaningful and measurable outcomes that are reported regularly. We believe our investors want us to measure and report "outcomes", not just "inputs". 


We are transparent

 We operate with complete transparency - our books are open. We are professional. We conduct business-grade due diligence on all field partners and on all projects. We prepare detailed project plans to ensure that our programs are sustainable and deliver expected results. As and when necessary, we provide our field partners with advisory services on a no-cost basis (i.e. assistance with management & organizational structure, systems support, and good governance processes).