Haiti Medical Clinic



Haiti Medical Clinic 

The Medical Clinic, also known as “Jehovah Rapha”, provides basic medical services to the community in which it operates as well as serves as a base of operations for a number of Healthcare services onsite as well as in various remote areas. 

The Clinic is operated by Geraldine Osirus, a full-time local registered nurse. She is supported by Martine, an assistant who is currently in nursing training. A local Doctor is available to the Clinic as needed as well as for mobile medical clinics as and when conducted. 

How you can help 

1. US$ 300 – Funds the registered nurse at the Clinic for one month 

2. US$ 200 – Funds medicines & supplies for one month

3. US$ 100 – Funds for the nursing assistant for one month 

4. US$ 50 - Funds the Doctor for a full day of patient consultations