Compound Operations



Empower Global began operations in the Cap Haitian area of Haiti to help address the devastating effects of poverty and alleviate the debilitating conditions brought about by endless cycles of poverty.

Our goal is to work together with local partners and community leaders. Together we plan to develop and implement innovative solutions to “empower” Haitians to help themselves. By bringing help and hope to the poor they will be better able to move from impoverished to empowered.

Our compound serves as a base of operations for all of our activities including –

1. Guest House - For visiting Teams and/or individuals willing to give of their time and experience to assist with one or more of our training initiatives.

2. Trades Facility - For onsite Training in the Trades. Activities to date include an automotive shop that is under the leadership of a partner organization. Other trade skills will be added as and when experienced tradesmen from Canada or elsewhere sign on to assist us with one or more of our training initiatives. 

3. Training Centre - An open-air training facility to accommodate classroom style teaching as well as hand on experience using the “tools of the trade”. 

4. Business Centre - A 4plex of converted steel containers to serve as classrooms and office space. The centre houses a language school as well as computer school, both of which are operated by a partner organization. 

5. Medical Clinic - A base of operations for all of our medical and healthcare initiatives. 

6. Agricultural land - The compound includes land adjacent to the property to be used as a teaching tool in our farm programs including: demonstration gardens, composting, experimental crops, organic pesticides, raising animals, etc.